Laguna University shall admit students of good moral character, those who comply with the required school credentials, and those who are willing to abide with the University established guidelines.

Scoring and Interpretation of LU Admission Test (LUAT) shall be facilitated by the Admissions Office. LUAT is a screening tool used by the University for entering collegiate program students.

The requirements for admission are the following:

a. Applicant shall accomplish the LUAT Application Form (LU:AA-FO-97) and pass the Laguna University Admission Test (LUAT).

b. Applicant shall comply with the following admission requirements:

i. Original Copy of Transfer Credential (HonorableDismissal)
ii. Original Copy of College Academic Records/Certificate of Grades signed by Registrar from previous school for evaluation purposes.
iii. Original Copy of Transcript of Records should have a Remarks of “Copy for Laguna University”
iv. Original Copy of Certificate of Good Moral Character signed by the Guidance Counselor
v. Photocopy of PSA Birth Certificate
vi. For Female married applicant, submit photocopy of PSA authenticated Marriage Contract
vii. Two pieces passport size pictures with nametag

c. Applicant shall enroll in the University all courses offered in the 3rd and 4th year curriculum of the preferred program.

d. Admission of transferee student and the credit of units earned from other colleges or universities are subject to the approval of the Registrar upon the recommendation of the Dean concerned.

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