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The Corporate Communication Center is located at LU 20, Administration Building. It is open from Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The center is responsible for the development and implementation of the communication structures to ensure that the University reaches all teaching and non-teaching personnel, students, parents, industry partners, other stakeholders, and relevant interested parties as quickly as possible via the most efficient communication channels.


To continuously develop marketing strategies and materials and strengthen communication process that will promote Laguna University towards the attainment of its philosophy and objectives.


The Corporate Communication Center provides services such as:

  • Managing the smooth flow of all internal and external communications
  • Posting of announcement, promotional/marketing materials, advisory and other university-related information that LU stakeholders need to know
  • Indexing of internal and external communications, minutes of the meeting, certificates, terms of references and other official documents of the University
  • Monitoring the content of the official website and social media page of the University
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