RDC conducts Virtual Seminar on Module Writing

To assist the faculty members of Laguna University (LU) in adapting the “new normal” learning modalities, the Research and Development Center (RDC) facilitated a two-day virtual seminar on module writing for the preparation and development of students’ learning materials.

The seminar on Sept. 4, 2020 (morning session)  held via Zoom was attended by the deans and professors of the College of Arts, Sciences and Technology (CAST), College of Education (COEd), General Education (Gen Ed), Physical Education (PE), and National Service Training Program (NSTP) while the College of Entrepreneurship, Management and Accountancy (CEMA), College of Engineering (COEng), and College of Health Science (CHS) joined the afternoon session. The Senior High School (SHS) department convened for the second-day session on Sept. 7, 2020.

Dr. Bartolome T. Tanguilig III, Vice President for Academic Affairs (VPAA) delivered the opening remarks which focused on the objectives of the seminar. Being aware of the difficulties in adjusting to this “new normal” learning setting, he ensured that this virtual seminar is a helping tool to produce better learning modules for the succeeding academic terms.

The seminar covered two topics: 1. Citing Sources using the American Psychological Association (APA) style; and 2. Learning Module Writing. Dr. Marie Joy Q. Elomina, the Research Director of the University, had an in-depth discussion on the proper way of citing sources in module writing. She highlighted the importance of citation in giving credits to the authors, providing information to readers, and avoiding plagiarism. Dr. Elomina also introduced techniques and tips in citing sources easily. She reminded the faculty members about the standardized module format.

The question and answer portion followed after every discussion. It was an interactive discussion where faculty members willingly shared their experiences, concerns, and insights regarding module writing.

As a whole, the faculty members gained not only a clear view of how to cite resources properly to avoid copyright issues but also a positive attitude towards learning module writing.

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