Three to five years after graduation, the Health Sciences alumni shall:

  • Have advanced their practice in the field of Health Sciences
  • Be globally competitive in their field of specialization by:
    1. pursuing professional development;
    2. exhibiting integrity towards excellence;
    3. manifesting proper ethical principles and values; and
    4. promoting social responsibilities in their profession.


By the time of graduation, College of Health Sciences students will be able to:

  1. Apply knowledge, attitude and skills of midwives in the care of the girl-child, adolescent, and the woman prior to, during and after pregnancy
  2. Provide primary health care services
  3. Demonstrate gender sensitivity in dealing with clients
  4. Maintain complete, accurate and timely documentation of client care
  5. Communicate effectively with clients using appropriate language
  6. Work with the community health team in organizing, mobilizing the community towards health and human development
  7. Participate in professional growth and development activities for lifelong learning
  8. Practice midwifery in accordance with existing laws and legislations, ethics and moral principles
  9. Participate in research activities

Program of Study - Diploma in Midwifery

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