Three to five years after graduation, the Arts and Sciences alumni shall:

  • Have advanced their practice in the field of arts and sciences
  • Be globally competitive in their field of specialization by:
    1. pursuing professional development;
    2. exhibiting integrity towards excellence;
    3. manifesting proper ethical principles and values; and
    4. promoting social responsibilities in their profession.


By the time of graduation, Bachelor of Arts in Communication students will be able to:

  1. Define and access information needs; assess, organize, produce, share, and utilize information and knowledge;
  2. Communicate, develop and produce communication materials in different formats and platforms (print, broadcast, and online);
  3. Prepare communication/media plan;
  4. Conduct communication and media research and evaluation;
  5. Demonstrate communication management and leadership skills;
  6. Develop entrepreneurial capabilities;
  7. Adhere to ethical standards and practices;
  8. Know and practice rights and responsibilities and accountabilities in the communication profession;
  9. Demonstrate a development orientation in communication work; and
  10. Apply communication theories/models, principles, practices and tools in development work.

Program of Study - Bachelor of Arts in Communication

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