Service in Motion: A Journey towards Excellence

Reiniel Kaydee P. Manangan, an esteemed individual with an impressive list of accomplishments, has made a significant impact in both his academic and professional lives. From his humble beginnings at Laguna University to his current role as the Office of the Student Affairs and Services (OSAS) Director at St. Vincent College of Cabuyao, his journey is a testament to hard work, dedication, and a commitment to serving others.

When asked about his decision to enroll at Laguna University, Kaydee cites affordability as one of the primary factors. Recognizing the financial constraints of his family, he sought an institution that could provide a quality education without burdening them financially. Laguna University proved to be the perfect choice, offering an environment that fostered learning and personal growth.

During his time at Laguna University, Kaydee’s involvement in the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) stands out as a significant highlight. Balancing his academic studies with active participation in the ROTC program, he not only gained knowledge and skills but also developed confidence. Delivering presentations in front of his peers and engaging in rigorous training instilled in him a sense of discipline and preparedness. Today, he continues to serve as an ROTC tactical officer, passing on his knowledge and experiences to the next generation of cadets.

As a professional, Kaydee has achieved remarkable feats in various roles and organizations. Notably, he responded during the Taal Volcano Eruption in 2020, providing assistance to affected communities. He also volunteered during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, demonstrating his dedication to serving others.

Within the 4th Regional Community Defense Group (RCDG), Reserve Command, Philippine Army, Kaydee organized the prestigious search for the 4RCDG Binibining Laang-Kawal 2022 and a regional singing competition. He also served as a host for different segments on Kartada 4 TV, an online video-on-demand-cast (vodcast) of the 4RCDG. These accomplishments highlight his ability to organize and engage others in meaningful activities.

Kaydee’s contributions extend to the Reserve Command, Philippine Army, where he first live streamed “USAPANG RESERVIST,” a live video broadcast that interviewed successful reservists such as Senator Tolentino, Mayor Lucy Torres, and Ronnie Liang. He also facilitated the National Audio Visual Presentation (AVP) Competition on “Pagpupugay sa Watawat ng Pilipinas” and played an important role as a writer and publisher of the Reserve Command Philippine Army’s activities. Prior to all his military contributions, he was an active military officer assigned to the Reserve Command of the Philippine Army, and now he is a proud member of the Philippine Army Reserve.

Aside from his military involvement, Kaydee has excelled academically, earning a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. He also completed the Special Academic Program for Teachers and underwent four months of military training in the Probationary Officer Training Course (POTC). Additionally, he passed the September 2023 Licensure Examination for Teachers.

Kaydee’s dedication and exceptional performance have earned him numerous accolades. He is the first and, so far, the only recipient of the Philippine Army Advance ROTC Cash Incentive at Laguna University. His commitment to service has been recognized with awards such as the Military Merit Medal, Military Commendation Medals, and the Disaster Response and Rescue Operations (DRRO) Ribbon. Additionally, he has received several letters of commendation for his outstanding contributions.

To the future professionals of Laguna University, Kaydee offers words of advice and encouragement. He emphasizes the importance of embracing and appreciating every moment of the academic journey, even in the face of challenges. He urges students to seek support from their social networks during times of vulnerability and to be cautious of the influence of social media. Kaydee reminds them that resilience, strength, and belief in their own abilities are key to overcoming life’s obstacles. Finally, he wishes them good luck in their future endeavors.

Reiniel Kaydee P. Manangan, class of 2014, Office of the Student Affairs and Services (OSAS) Director, External and Public Affairs Officer, Student Internship Program in the Philippines (SIPP) Coordinator, College Instructor, St. Vincent College of Cabuyao

Author: Edralyn J. Bigcas, LUAAI, Deputy Secretary

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