Laguna University: Honing Advocates beyond Professionals

Laguna University does not only take pride over the affordability of education it offers, but also of the quality and values it uphold in honing its students – producing competent professionals and passionate advocates.

Michael A. Reyes a.k.a. Kel is one living proof that LU is capable of developing professionals with a purpose. As he assumed various positions upon finishing his degree, advocating for different causes.

His leadership experiences as the former Central Student Council President and Member of the Board of Regents, as well as his extracurricular involvement at the University prepared him to conquer the vast world of corporate and public service.

After he graduated, he wore different hats and served in various fields including a non-government organization that aims to eradicate poverty, a cooperative organization, and a government agency that focuses on public health.

At present, he works as an Information Systems Specialist at the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in Los Baños, Laguna. A non-profit international agricultural research and training organization whose mission is to end poverty and hunger among communities and populations that depend on rice-based agri-food systems.

Kel is a staunch advocate of poverty eradication, agricultural development, and public health strongly reflected on his professional experiences. Outside his work, he even participates in a local cooperative, where he engages with the matters concerning his hometown.

Through these, Kel exemplifies social and moral responsibility which every Laguna University student has been edified with through the years.

When asked for a piece advice, the former CSC President stated, “Embrace Lifelong learning. The world is continually changing, and industries are expanding at a quick rate.”

He emphasized the need to set one’s mind towards lifelong learning, to be open to new ideas, and to always seek opportunities to enhance one’s knowledge and abilities.

“Adaptability and a desire to learn will be essential for success in a dynamic and ever-changing work world,” he remarked.

The former CSC President believes that as future professionals, LU graduates must and can make a positive impact on society and contribute to the betterment of their communities.

More so, he urges his fellow Alumni and future LU graduates to embrace ethical practices, consider the importance of sustainability, and engage in socially responsible initiatives.

Most importantly, he advised, “Strive to be a catalyst for positive change in your industry and beyond.”

LU, as an institution and a training ground for learners and future advocate professionals, has proven how powerful education is. For it may nor simply create and develop brilliant and intelligent minds, but also hone and cultivate passionate and solicitous hearts.

Author: Edralyn J. Bigcas, LUAAI, Deputy Secretary

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