Student Organizations

The Laguna University Central Student Council (LUCSC) is the highest student governing student body of the university. LUCSC is responsible for advocating on behalf of student interests, encouraging student involvement in campus activities, and providing a student-centered environment.

The Laguna University College of Education Mentors is the Highest Organization in College of Education. Its main purpose is to organize activities for its members, support the clubs under the organization – COED Ace, The ELITES, Likas-Agham, and UMMALU, and to educate students on educational and leadership topics. It also provides a positive and supportive learning environment to hone the skills of the students to unite College of Education.

The COED Ace is the official Organization of the Bachelor of Elementary Education. The primary objectives of this organization is to provide social, education and recreational activities for its members and; give assistance to students regarding their academic endeavors through sharing of knowledge and expertise.

The Empowered Learners Intending to Teach English as a Subject (ELITES) is an Organization Under The COED Mentors, this organization is established for the English Major Students of Laguna University. ELITES has two main purpose, first is to promote the English language not just as a mean of communication but also as a subject, second is to empower and assist the students to utilize the English language as a 21st century Skills that could help them in their teaching careers.

Laguna University Information Technology Society is a great way for students and teachers to come together and learn about new technologies and share their knowledge and skills with one another. It’s also great that the organization is able to put on events and provide guidance to other students in the department. It’s important for students studying information technology to be able to learn from one another and share their experiences, as it can help them develop a strong foundation in the field.

A youth organization that was recently established last June 16, 2022. Laguna University College Red Cross Youth Council (LU CRCY) offers various volunteer opportunities to students through active and direct participation in Red Cross activities. The primary aim of this organization is to develop among the student volunteers the spirit of humanitarianism and social service.

The Communication Circle is a recognized organization of Bachelor of Arts in Communication which aims to establish solidarity among its members, organize events/activities for the organization to flourish, and promote the department within and outside the institution. The said organization also aims to provide an environment that empowers its members and develop their skills through experience, as well as to produce competent communicators that will aid the organization in building a progressive community.

The CSO is an organization that aims to strengthen the relationship between students and professors through programs, activities, and communication. Also, we provide encouraging, useful information to empower our students to pursue their educational and career dreams.

The Laguna University – Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants or shall referred to as LU- JPIA was established in year 2008 which is located at the Laguna University, Laguna Sports Complex, Barangay Bubukal, Santa Cruz, Laguna is an organization for all bonafide students enrolled in BS in Accountancy and BS in Accounting Information System. It aims to upgrade the quality and standards of Accounting students and acquaint the members with the nature and activities of the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

LU – MES serves to be the voice and body to all the students of Mechanical Engineering in Laguna University. To provide the needs and enhance their skills in all different aspects.

Likas Agham is an organization founded on the year 2011 up to the present. The students taking Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Science is part and a member of this organization. The purpose of the Likas Agham is to gain more knowledge and to teach every student a science-related topic, which aims to extend knowledge and wider apprehension about the phenomenon in the physical and natural world as well as nurturing humane frame of mind of students towards the environment. We conduct an activity that will encourage everyone to form a relationship with others to share their interest. This organization will help us to improve, to be aware, and to be a member of the society who has a capability to raise awareness and save the environment. All things are possible, we have the power to change something into the future but we cannot do that without your help. WE WILL, BECAUSE WE CAN.

The Chroniclers is the official publication of the College of Education. The said organization aims to reinforce and empower the confidence of the students to work with integrity as well as to foster interest and engagement in being involved and aware of the activities of the college of education.

The Union of Laguna University Tourism Associates is a school organization with young leaders who works together towards its goals. It is committed to upholding the school’s policies and giving value to education, academic excellence and skills development. It produces highly skilled and ethical students who will help to make the organization more functional and progressive that will help promote hospitality and tourism industry as a viable career.

United Math Major’s Association of Laguna University is the official club organization of the Bachelor of Secondary Education Major in Mathematics students of Laguna University. A club that is true to its mission where it is intended to maintain and improve the logical-mathematical intelligence of all math major students evident in the conduct of the Study Buddy program. Bringing all math majors together that have the heart to spread the knowledge and appreciation towards Mathematics to all Laguna University students as what the club envisions to be. A club that equates math majors into one, forming a solid identity of its own.

The Young Entrepreneurs Society was established to provide an organized and autonomous organization with the goal of uniting students, giving them a voice, and assisting them in developing their entrepreneurial talents by motivating them or demonstrating the importance of having an entrepreneurial mindset.

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