Laguna University Research and Development Center
Laguna Sports Complex, Barangay Bubukal, Santa Cruz, Laguna


I. To enhance the ability of the academic community in generating and applying new knowledge, focusing on social development, through Research and Development (R&D);

II. To establish an R&D Program which is relevant and applicable to science, languages and communication domain, social sciences, mathematics and computer science and information technology, teaching education, business education, mechanical engineering, automotive technology, and health allied education;

III. To serve as a research arm of the Provincial Government by making research available for monitoring and evaluation and propose policy action and recommendation to the Provincial Governor.

IV. To produce quality papers for publication that can be used in the local as well as in the international setting.


1. Promote a "research culture" among the faculty, staff and students of the university.

2. Develop and transfer appropriate technologies to target beneficiaries to help them become globally competitive;

3. Assist the provincial government in its capability building efforts toward effective local governance;

4. Generate income and incentives for research endeavors of the university;

5. Enhance the research networking linkages of the university; and

6. Develop an extensive tri-media information dissemination program for the research activities of the university.

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