Laguna University Research and Development Center
Laguna Sports Complex, Barangay Bubukal, Santa Cruz, Laguna


          The Program is a requirement for graduation at collegiate courses.

        Starting Academic Year 2013-2014, research papers, shall use APA format while for feasibility study, the standard format shall be used. For those graduating students who will write manuscript regarding their practicum/internship/On the Job Training (OJT), a standard format is likewise prescribed. A Research Coordinator in each department coordinates the research agenda of the department to R&DC. The faculty of the department, headed by the Dean/Program Chair of the College/Department sets the agenda to be undertaken by the students and submit research topic to R&DC for verification purposes, monitoring the implementation, and the outputs and outcomes of the researches/studies. The Research Committee discusses the Research Agenda to oversee whether the researches/studies are based on local, national, and international standards.

        These are two criteria which characterize international excellence standards: (1) sustainability, whether present studies can be replicated in other areas where there are no similar studies being conducted; and (2) its impact. The latter refers to research outcomes, including technology processes, products and ideologies, which promote the quality of life of people, particularly in the Province of Laguna.

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